Why Authority Matters And How You Can Grow It

Among the forces for good in the world, entrepreneurship is the greatest, because flourishing businesses are the rising tides that lift all boats. And while we as business or practice owners can’t do much to affect the rise and fall of the larger tides of economics, as entrepreneurs we can raise our enterprise’s visibility above our competition, via what is called Authority Marketing®.


Why is Authority Marketing so powerful? Let me share my own experience as an example. I used to be nearsighted, and like a lot of people, decided it was time to shed my glasses permanently and get Lasik surgery to correct the problem. As any consumer about to make a medical decision does, I had a plethora of information and options at my fingertips via the Internet. That’s how things are done these days; if you’re a medical practitioner, how many patients come in and tell you they’ve Googled their symptoms–all of them? Many times those Internet searches lead a patient down the wrong treatment path, but certainly, they do offer us options, and what we see on that search page directs the choices we make–not logic.


In my case, my home is literally across the street from the Storm Eye Institute, one of the most prestigious in the East. Logically, you might have thought that proximity and reputation would have been reason enough for me to have my surgery there–but that’s not where I went. Instead, I took four days out of my busy schedule and flew to New York City to see Dr. Emil Chynn, Founder of Park Avenue Lasek.  So, why did I go all that way when I could so much more easily have walked across the street and gone to USC? I made an emotional decision, just like all patients do. I flew to NYC to see Dr. Chynn because he literally wrote the book on Lasek. That’s what I saw when I typed it into Google; his website was one of the first that popped up. When I clicked through it, I saw him featured him as a speaker, a teacher, and an author. You’ve heard the saying, “He had me at hello”? Oh, boy… he had me at ‘hello’. I looked at all of the authority his website projected and decided there and then that he was the expert and if I were to simply go across the street, I’d be doing myself a disservice. Because this choice was about my vision, a precious and irreplaceable thing, I bought on emotion.


And that’s how Authority Marketing works. Customers don’t buy logically or rationally, they buy emotionally. How do we create that essential emotional connection that makes your business the only possible choice? Through the marketing of your authority, because authority is what makes even a logical guy like me make what looks like an illogical choice.


The thing to understand is that authority can be manufactured. Yes, you have to know your stuff, but if you follow a strategic and systematic process to build your authority position in the marketplace, it can have astounding results. That’s what Dr. Chynn did, and why he’s a leader in the field–and how so many other great practitioners, entrepreneurs, and CEOs are rising above the rest to become the kinds of authorities that patients and customers will travel miles to see.


Will what your prospective customer sees when he or she Googles you be enough to get them onto a plane to see you? If not, you might want to work on your authority, because the acquisition and retention of patients is what the health and longevity of your business are built on–and the tide that will lift your boat, and all those around you. It’s time to start building your authority today.