What’s your leadership style? Are you a Steve Jobs or a Gandhi? Creative or rigid? Direct or collaborative? There’s no definitive right way to lead.  Different groups and different situations require different tactics.  Effective leadership considers goals of your organization, your individual strengths and the requirements of your team.   It’s important to understand your […]

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14 Quotes that will Motivate You & Your Business

For the longest time, I used to think that motivational and inspirational quotes were neither motivating nor inspiring.   Super-successful people sitting around being super-successful throwing out poetic and pithy advice. How could any of these people understand the challenges and frustrations I was going through? It all seemed a bit condescending. Then something happened. I […]

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Great Leadership won the Clemson Tigers the NFC Title

Anybody who knows anything about me, knows my blood runs orange – Clemson Orange. I started my company while a Clemson student, was named a Young Alumnus of the Year, am a chair of the university’s Spiro Entrepreneurship Institute board, speak at the university frequently and keep a limited edition can of Coke celebrating the […]

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Remembering Herb Kelleher

remembering herb kelleher

Herb Kelleher, the man who built Southwest Airlines into one of the most successful American companies, passed away last week. Kelleher was one of my heroes, a fun-loving, hard-working composite of all the traits that make for a successful entrepreneur—vision, perseverance and leadership. You’ve probably heard the legendary story. In 1967, one of Kelleher’s legal […]

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Business Owners Must Constantly Adapt To Keep A Captive Audience—Correction: To Keep Any Audience

adaptability quotient business innovations 2019

I’ve come to realize a cold, hard fact.  If you, as an author, are not constantly innovating and constantly offering innovative products and packages, your business will die. I am serious. How did I come to realize that fact? It hit me like a ton of bricks. Just yesterday, I was stuck in traffic and once […]

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The Essentials For A Successful Workplace Culture

Any professional knows that a business is only as successful as the people behind it. When you have the right employees putting their skills to maximum use, by working together and having a good time, success becomes the inevitable result. Creating that winning combination can be difficult. The first place to start is by hiring the right […]

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How to Get on the Inc. 5000

how to get on the inc 5000

When Edgar P. Smith, former editor of Fortune, thought to compile the world’s 500 most successful companies, rank them by revenue, publish it, and brand the list with the name of his magazine, it was nothing short of genius. “Fortune 500” now serves as an almost deifying descriptor in the business world, a badge worn […]

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All Great Leaders Are Readers

Summer 2018’s Essential Business Book Reads   If there’s one thing I constantly vouch for in the world of entrepreneurship, it’s to always be learning. The business world changes fast with ever-evolving communication platforms, information distribution systems, marketing techniques—you name it. And, you should know that what’s working today won’t always be working in the […]

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