Who Are You, On Paper? How To Find Your Written Voice, Without Picking Up A Pen

Earlier this week, I came across a fantastic article by Advantage author, Adam Cufr and thought I would share it. By Adam Cufr, Financial Advisor & Advantage|ForbesBooks author Writing a book and having it published can be a very transformational personal experience. Sure, I could share with you the dramatic ways that my book has […]

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How to Become a Bestselling Author on Amazon

how to become an amazon bestselling author

The New York Times Bestseller List was once the holy grail of the publishing world. Not to say that it’s been dethroned, but it’s no longer the sole purveyor of status. It is now equally awe-inspiring to tell someone that your book is charting on Amazon, whether you’ve authored a cookbook, sales-coaching bible, or the […]

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