Authority Marketing Book Launch Photos

We recently celebrated the book launch of my newest book with Rusty Shelton, Authority Marketing: How to Leverage 7 Pillars of Thought Leadership to Make Competition Irrelevant in Atlanta, Georgia. See below for photos of the event, and to order your own copy, click here!     […]

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Implementing Your Authority Marketing Blueprint

Here at Advantage|ForbesBooks, there’s a saying we can’t get enough of: You can’t spell “authority” without “author.” And it couldn’t be truer! Book authorship, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is the foundation upon which you will build your authority in your field. In other words – authority derives from authorship. (Funny enough, you can […]

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How To Build An Authority Marketing Blueprint

authority marketing blueprint

The successful execution of Authority Marketing hinges on the creation of a blueprint, unique to the business professional for whom it is created. No two plans are exactly alike, but are all built on a common framework, or rather, on the same Pillars. The Seven Pillars of Authority Marketing are a critical component of the […]

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