Making the Right Decisions Ain’t What It Used to Be

As an entrepreneur, I wonder what message our government is sending to our Children…America’s next generation. If you are wondering too, let’s take a listen.


Little Johnny, if you make bad strategic decisions (Citigroup), if you fail to produce products that consumers want (GM, Chrysler, Ford), if you get greedy and bite off more than you can chew (AIG), the government will REWARD you and come to the rescue.


Little Sussie, if you make good strategic decisions, if you manage your cash properly, if you grow and create jobs, the government will PENALIZE you by aiding your bankrupt competitors who did everything wrong while cheating investors, customers, and employees. If you are really lucky…(that means you managed your business well and made lots of profit) will slap you with a “windfall profit” tax.


Subliminal messages work, from Joe Camel all the way down the line. If America truly wants to be a nation of entrepreneurs and innovators, Washington politicians might want to think twice about the subliminal messages they are sending to our next generation.