The 5 Best Ways to Reach New Clients in 2019

new marketing strategies 2019

With today’s consumer world inundated with marketing messages online, in email, in the mail, on TV, on the radio and even via text, it’s hard to stand out against competition. As a recipient of these marketing messages, you’ve likely found yourself questioning why they thought you would be a good prospect for service X or product Y. Sometimes, when marketing misses the target so much, you may even think the company is a joke or, even worse, get angry! That’s why marketing intelligently to a specific, niche group that fits your ideal client profile is key!

If your current marketing efforts are missing the mark and aren’t netting the return you need, refine the message and optimize your audience targeting. The following are 5 strategies to remain laser-focused in your marketing and attract your ideal client:

1. Speak their language. None of us likes feeling “sold.” In the B2B and B2C worlds, personalization and marketing to emotion is critical to both convey the message of your brand or service and to ignite desire in the purchaser.

2. Connect online and off. Although many of you may believe in either traditional or digital marketing means, it’s the combination of both that can prove most successful. Connecting online and accommodating the geographical differences of your prospects is crucial. Combining methods affords you the opportunity to appeal to a larger majority of your target audience, in more ways than one.

3. Share your successes. Go on, brag a little. We all know the saying “seeing is believing,” well so is hearing! When you have someone who represents your target audience who is also a supremely pleased client, connecting the two via a phone conversation or providing a video that captures the client’s enthusiasm and endorsement, can be incredibly impactful. So much so, you can’t risk not doing this.

4. Turn your clients into your biggest referral source. Attracting clients are one thing, funneling, that’s another. If your client knows someone who is in need of your services, they’ll tell you. Because you haven’t directly asked for a referral, you asked to brainstorm ideas, the conversation becomes more organic and less forced. Your client will provide connections they have with groups, like associations, industry subscriptions, etc. All roads point to new pools or your ideal clients.

5. Always be testing! No matter what marketing medium you are using to reach your ideal client, always test with every campaign. Testing is a critical part of ensuring that you are sending the right message, to the right people, in the right way. There are several ways you can create tests in your campaigns. Understand that not every marketing avenue will produce the same results; in other words, not all marketing mediums are replicable.

When navigating your industries marketing landscape, be direct, not broad. Remember to meet your prospects where they are, and they’re likely not all in the same places. Leverage your clients’ successes as endorsements for your business. Allow your happy clients to become your best sales force, without selling! And finally, always work to test, improve, optimize and grow. Maintaining focus on growing your business can be a daunting task. However, when you embrace a process and a constant emphasis on who you are targeting, where you are targeting, how you are targeting and why, you are likely to find profitable pools of prospects.

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