How Can Print Survive in the Age of Digital Media?

Print is dying. You’ve heard the news before. But if you take a step back and truly think about it, it’s not really dying at all – it’s adapting. Social media platforms and blogs have recently become serviceable ad platforms, marketing tools, and news sources for millions of people and counting. While the fame and popularity of these mediums have soared, many are led to believe that long-form content such as books, long articles, or anything that is longer than 500 words are simply dead. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

If the numbers are anything to go by, print media and thoughtful long-form content aren’t going anywhere and quite frankly remain very powerful revenue generators. Yes, the Times’ ad revenue now encompasses both print and digital, whereas it was once just print, but that’s just how companies should be reacting and adapting to change.

But once you’ve been established as a print powerhouse, like the New York Times, for example, how can you find your footing in an era where clickbait can easily reign supreme. Meaningful content will struggle if it does not firmly grasp the ever-shrinking span of digital media consumers. Dubbed “popcorn brain”, it is the result of a fast-moving, short-attention-spanned, app-switching culture. So, the real question is not “Will print survive in the digital era?” rather, “Will books and long-form content continue to be profitable, as our attention spans grow shorter?”

Well, the answer is, “Yes.”

The internet may have forced the transformation of the way content is consumed, but long-form and print media certainly aren’t going anywhere. They remain the most impactful and reliable sources of information out there, even in the wild, wild west of the Internet.

The Power of Publishing

If you have considered publishing a book in your field, thereby adding ‘published author’ to your professional repertoire, rest assured long-form print media remains one of the most forceful ways to broadcast your voice across your industry. Those who touch leads by posting short-form content (think social media, the internet, etc.) without publishing a hard-copy book, miss an extraordinary opportunity to establish themselves as the authority in their field and grow their business. How much of an authority are you? We’ve got an assessment for that. Once you’re done, you’ll find tips and tricks on how to grow your authority.

Feel free to contact me directly to learn more about why a published book is the indisputable next step in growing your business.