Happy New Year! Thoughts on 2009

Happy New Year! Let me be the first to welcome you to 2009 and to wish you a very happy and prosperous year. Amongst the doom and gloom you are constantly reminded of in the mass media, I want to challenge you to make this year your best yet. And, it is possible.


Regardless of market conditions, gains are always made. Gains are made in bull markets, gains are made in bear markets. If you have every bought or sold real estate, you know oftentimes that the wise investor makes money when they buy, not just when they sell. Now is a great time to buy real estate, businesses, and other precious assets. For the prepared entrepreneur who has been stashing away his acorns in preparation for a long winter, today is his carnival. For those (read: most) that did not prepare, you loose. Welcome to life.

While most economists forecast this recession to last at least through 2009, I tell you to heed this opportunity and execute. A few examples:

  • While most businesses are cutting back on their sales and marketing expenditures, the savvy entrepreneur is increasing his investment in such mediums. Why? With fewer competitors spending in the marketplace, it is easier to get noticed and capture customers. The marketer that is willing to spend more to acquire a customer will always win out. The deeper you can go in your marketing funnel the higher your rate of prospect to customer conversion. 2009 is a great time to undertake new marketing initiatives because few others are!
  • While the number of transactions in the real estate markets have dropped sharply from their bubble in 2005 and 2006, now is a great time to swoop in and buy some really nice properties for absolute bargins. If you are not dependent upon banks and can pay in cash, the world is your oyster! 2009 is a great year to buy real estate!
  • With many people opening their stock, mutual fund, and IRA statements and seeing their net worth terribly whacked, it can be enough to shake even the strongest man’s confidence in the free markets. If the idea of putting another dollar in your stock portfolio right now is akin to the feeling of walking into your bathroom, opening your wallet, and taking a crisp $100 bill and flushing it down the toilet, I encourage you to invest in other areas. Invest in your own business and invest in YOU. Invest in your personal education and development. Buy business, motivation, and self-help books and CDs. Now is a great time to take additional courses, attend seminars and conferences, and sharpen your sword. All of us can use a little (or a lot) of self-help every now and then, this is a great time to invest in YOU.

 I came across this quote in a book I was reading a few weeks ago and really fell in love with it:

“Formal education will earn you a living. Self-education will earn you a fortune. You determine how much of a fortune you will earn by how much self-education you decide to get.”  – Jim Rohn

I raise my glass of champagne to you, and toast you on what will be the best year of your life! Here, here!