Who Are You, On Paper? How To Find Your Written Voice, Without Picking Up A Pen

Earlier this week, I came across a fantastic article by Advantage author, Adam Cufr and thought I would share it.

By Adam Cufr, Financial Advisor & Advantage|ForbesBooks author

Writing a book and having it published can be a very transformational personal experience. Sure, I could share with you the dramatic ways that my book has deepened my relationships, my public credibility, and my new business pipeline, but I will leave that to others. What I want to share with you has less to do with the final product and its result, and instead is focused on what the process of writing your book can do for you.

There are hundreds of thousands of business professionals in the United States right now, most of whom struggle to answer the question: “Why should someone choose me, rather than anyone else, to do business with? The truth is, to the public, we all look about the same. To the companies that we represent, we all look just about the same. Are you really okay with that? So how can you stand apart from the masses and become known for your unique skills and approach?

Find your voice. The journey and process of writing your book can give you the ability to speak directly to your current and prospective clients. This act in-and-of itself can define the value that you add to your clients. See, the moment you commit to writing your book, you begin the unbelievably valuable process of discovering what you really think, how you really feel, and who you really are in this business. Once you develop your story and master the skill of telling it, you become an industry of one. You’re the only one who approaches planning the way you do and you’re the only one who can communicate with people the way that you uniquely do. I’d like to suggest that committing to writing your book is the catalyst you need, that we all need, to finally stake claim to who we really are.

To help you develop your voice and possibly your book, consider these questions:

  1. What is unique about you that makes you who you are, not only as an advisor, but as a person?
  2. How did you get into this business and into the role in which you currently serve?
  3. What outcomes can your clients expect to achieve as a result of your planning process?
  4. What qualifications do you possess that make you a credible source of financial expertise?
  5. What would your best client say about you to other prospective clients?
  6. What would past clients say about you?
  7. What types of clients should not consider working with you?
  8. Why should the reader do business with you as opposed to any other advisor in the world?

As you can see, this is deep stuff we’re talking about here. The road to being published should be paved with numerous personal obstacles, but those obstacles will prove to help you dig deeper and more clearly develop your own voice. If the process were easy, everybody would write a book and people would not hold the same level of respect for those who do. Yes, authoring a book has incredible cache and prestige, but it also plays a unique role in shaping everything you do in your chosen calling. Now may be the time for you to find your voice.

Contact me to learn more about becoming a published author in field, elevating your credibility and Authority, and building your personal brand. Or simply schedule a publishing consultation with a Member Development Representative at my publishing firm, Advantage|ForbesBooks, who would be happy to discuss your business goals and how they’d gel with our publishing process.