Entrepreneurial Innovation in the Most Unlikely of Places

I am sitting on a bus. No, I didn’t go back to school…and I am not on my way to the state pen. I write to you with love from a BOLT BUS, traveling from Washington, DC to New York City.

I have spent the last 7 days in Washington, DC on business. After attending 2 back-to-back conferences and holding 13 in-person meetings with clients and prospective authors, I am a worn out pup. Rather than flying home to Charleston for the weekend, and then turning right around and flying to NYC on Monday morning for Book Expo America…I decided to save myself the hassle and go straight from DC to NYC. This should be an easy and cheap proposition. Right? Nope.

I visited Amtrak.com to purchase a 1-way ticket from DC’s Union Station to NYC’s Penn Station. A 3-hour train ride. Easy I thought. Haha. Fares were between $150-200. Hum, that seems pretty high for a rail company that can’t even brag about having a 60% on-time rating. I next checked the airlines. The lowest price was $299 for a one-way ticket from Reagan-National to NY-LaGuardia. Ugh.

I then turned somewhere I never thought I would turn. The bus. I discovered BOLT BUS. For a mere $21, I secured a one-way DC-NYC ticket. Point-to-point, travel time is only 60 minutes more than the train. To boot, Bolt provides free WiFi and power outlets at every seat, ensuring me 100% uptime and productivity. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised the bus was 100% full. My fellow passengers include young professionals, college students, and even a few moms and dads. I bet if I really looked hard, I would find a few other cost conscience CEOs.

Will Bolt put Amtrak or the Airlines out of business? No. But it does provide consumers more choices. If you want to find entrepreneurial innovators creating better options for consumers, look no further than Bolt Bus.