Remembering Herb Kelleher

remembering herb kelleher

Herb Kelleher, the man who built Southwest Airlines into one of the most successful American companies, passed away last week. Kelleher was one of my heroes, a fun-loving, hard-working composite of all the traits that make for a successful entrepreneur—vision, perseverance and leadership. You’ve probably heard the legendary story. In 1967, one of Kelleher’s legal […]

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Differentiate or Die. Brilliance at JetBlue

A few weeks back, airline industry pioneer JetBlue revealed what many would consider the most outlandish marketing promotion yet: unlimited flying for a 30 day period for only $599. What makes this “good marketing” is quite simple. First and foremost, the sheer outrageous nature of the promotion was enough to raise eyebrows throughout all media. […]

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