All Great Leaders Are Readers

Summer 2018’s Essential Business Book Reads


If there’s one thing I constantly vouch for in the world of entrepreneurship, it’s to always be learning. The business world changes fast with ever-evolving communication platforms, information distribution systems, marketing techniques—you name it. And, you should know that what’s working today won’t always be working in the next day, month, or year. You’ve got to stay up to date  with upcoming trends and factors that will no doubt affect your business (whether you think so or not).


As a top authority in your field, you’re already joining associations, attending big conferences, networking, and taking training courses, all to share and learn the secrets to success. To maintain your authority, however, you need to invest the time and money in maintaining that scholarly edge over your competitors.


My philosophy in life, and in the world of business, is that leaders must be readers. Always be learning. Reading books from others in the business industry educates me on current and future trends, challenges me to develop new ideas for Advantage|ForbesBooks, and reinvigorates me.


In the heat of the summer, whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or automobile, here are three suggestions for your summer ‘18 stack:


Go Slow to Grow Fast by Brent R. Tilson

A business book that’s not only valuable, but also fun? Believe it or not, this one is! Tilson’s book tells the fictional story of two company leaders facing challenges as their business grows. Based on Tilson’s extensive experience working with entrepreneurs through the financial and operational growth stages of their businesses, he shares crucial advice to business leaders. Step back from your day-to-day work, take a breath, and look at the big picture. The practical tools, methodologies, and advice he shares are thought-provoking yet simple. Tilson’s innovative use of a business’s “lifeline” helps leaders gain an understanding of how their company is performing today and helps create your roadmap for the future.


Marketing in the #FakeNews Era: New Rules for a New Reality of Tribalism, Activism, and Loss of Trust by Peter Horst

Should brand leaders weigh in on political and social issues or stay on the sidelines? Peter Horst, founder of CMO Inc. and a global marketing leader, addresses the risks and benefits of taking a stand versus keeping quiet. There are some serious consequences if these issues are not handled appropriately, from job loss to market share loss to total company failure. Horst provides his tactical and strategic guidance on how a company and its leader must use the utmost care to successfully navigate the churning waters in our Fake News era, where consumer outrage and moral scrutiny abound. This might be the most important book any leader reads in preparing for what may lie ahead in this unpredictable time.


Africa Rise and Shine: How a Nigerian Entrepreneur from Humble Beginnings Grew a Business to $16 Billion By Jim Ovia

The road to success is  rarely linear and never easy. Typically, it’s laden with winding roads and uphill climbs. This was the case for Jim Ovia, founder of Zenith Bank. Despite countless setbacks, he was able to achieve the unthinkable. Africa Rise and Shine recounts the story of Ovia’s business and banking success, showing how he was able to create one of Africa’s largest banks. Spanning decades of both world and Nigerian history, Ovia dives deep into the events that led to his triumph. Drawing on his academic experiences and relentless determination, he was able to overcome every hurdle that stood in the way of his bank becoming the national icon that it is today. Ovia’s book outlines the tough, yet necessary business decisions that were essential to Zenith’s prolonged success and is filled with valuable takeaways for every business leader. Learn from one of the best in banking what it takes to truly be successful.

What are you reading this summer? Let me know of any great business reads in the comments! If you’d like to share your story and become the authority in your field, click here to apply to become our next author. I can’t wait to read your book full of business insider tips!