Business Owners Must Constantly Adapt To Keep A Captive Audience—Correction: To Keep Any Audience

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I’ve come to realize a cold, hard fact.  If you, as an author, are not constantly innovating and constantly offering innovative products and packages, your business will die. I am serious.

How did I come to realize that fact? It hit me like a ton of bricks. Just yesterday, I was stuck in traffic and once again, I experienced the American phenomenon of “rubbernecking.”  Surely you know what I am talking about…a traffic accident occurred and although the cars and debris have been moved aside for unobstructed traffic to continue to flow, traffic still continues to move at a snail’s speed…until you pass the accident and then suddenly everyone has found the accelerator again and the race is on!

As everyone passes the accident, they take their foot off of the accelerator, “rubber neck” their heads out of the window, and gawk at the accident. Why? Because it just happened! It’s new and for the moment, it’s entertaining. They want to know what is going on. And once they find out, they’re out of there! Zoom! They’re on to see what’s next.

This phenomenon led me to the cold, hard, powerful truth that Americans can’t stand to be bored.  Americans are always looking for something innovative to entertain them. It even comes across in our greetings to each other. “What’s new?” That is a typical greeting. Not “What’s old?” We don’t care about what’s old. We are hoping you have something juicy and entertaining to share.  

If you think I’m crazy, let’s look at one of my favorite examples to use. Domino’s Pizza. Yum! Here are some of their innovative products over the last few years:  CinnaStix, Doublemelt Pizza, Steak Fanatic Pizza, Pizza Buffalo Wings, American Classic Cheeseburger Pizza, Brownie Squares, and I could go on and on. Think about all of the hygiene products like shampoos and body washes that say, “New and Improved,” “New Formula,” “25% More Product for the Same Great Price,” etc.

What’s my point? We authors should constantly (yes I said constantly) be rolling out new books, products, packages, and modifications to the existing products we already sell. We have to have something new to offer or we are old news. Nobody cares what happened yesterday. What’s the scoop today? That is why the show “Extra” is such a craze. They offer down-to-the-minute headlines. Their viewing audience is fed what is going on not just today, but right now, about their favorite Hollywood stars.

The good news is offering innovative products doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. It could be as simple as adding a new chapter to your book and labeling it a “revised and updated edition.” It could be packaging your book with an audio CD and/or workbook. There are many things you can do along these lines to stay innovative and attention-worthy.

Bottom line, keep it new and exciting. As an author, speaker, consultant, coach, trainer, I ask you…”What’s new with you?” Literally. What new product or service are you rolling out this week?

It all comes down to the ability to adapt, something that the newfound Adaptability Quotient endeavors to measure. Our inaugural whitepaper, Adapt or Die: Why Corporate Giants Failed, How to Make Sure You Don’t nimbly explores the concept of continually, aggressively updating your product of service offering, and how to stay on the cutting edge of success. Download Adapt or Die here!