Business Owners Must Constantly Adapt To Keep A Captive Audience—Correction: To Keep Any Audience

adaptability quotient business innovations 2019

I’ve come to realize a cold, hard fact.  If you, as an author, are not constantly innovating and constantly offering innovative products and packages, your business will die. I am serious. How did I come to realize that fact? It hit me like a ton of bricks. Just yesterday, I was stuck in traffic and once […]

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The 5 Best Ways to Reach New Clients in 2019

new marketing strategies 2019

With today’s consumer world inundated with marketing messages online, in email, in the mail, on TV, on the radio and even via text, it’s hard to stand out against competition. As a recipient of these marketing messages, you’ve likely found yourself questioning why they thought you would be a good prospect for service X or […]

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The Essentials For A Successful Workplace Culture

Any professional knows that a business is only as successful as the people behind it. When you have the right employees putting their skills to maximum use, by working together and having a good time, success becomes the inevitable result. Creating that winning combination can be difficult. The first place to start is by hiring the right […]

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Who Are You, On Paper? How To Find Your Written Voice, Without Picking Up A Pen

Earlier this week, I came across a fantastic article by Advantage author, Adam Cufr and thought I would share it. By Adam Cufr, Financial Advisor & Advantage|ForbesBooks author Writing a book and having it published can be a very transformational personal experience. Sure, I could share with you the dramatic ways that my book has […]

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To Break the Glass Ceiling, Publish A Book

tips on how to break the glass ceiling

When Sheryl Sandberg joined the dialogue on women’s advancement in the workplace, how did she broadcast her voice? What was her metaphorical microphone? What became tied to her name, message, and brand — what became her emblem? Lean In. Both a concept and book title, ‘Lean In’ matured into a buzzword for female empowerment. A […]

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How to Get on the Inc. 5000

how to get on the inc 5000

When Edgar P. Smith, former editor of Fortune, thought to compile the world’s 500 most successful companies, rank them by revenue, publish it, and brand the list with the name of his magazine, it was nothing short of genius. “Fortune 500” now serves as an almost deifying descriptor in the business world, a badge worn […]

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How to Become a Bestselling Author on Amazon

how to become an amazon bestselling author

The New York Times Bestseller List was once the holy grail of the publishing world. Not to say that it’s been dethroned, but it’s no longer the sole purveyor of status. It is now equally awe-inspiring to tell someone that your book is charting on Amazon, whether you’ve authored a cookbook, sales-coaching bible, or the […]

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Landing Page Not Converting? Here’s Why.

4 Ways To Improve Your Website’s Performance   The new digital age has invented countless ways you can engage with your target audience, which is incredibly helpful for business owners alike. The landing page is one such item, where, as the name suggests, this is the place where users ‘land’ when they click through a […]

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How Can Print Survive in the Age of Digital Media?

Print is dying. You’ve heard the news before. But if you take a step back and truly think about it, it’s not really dying at all – it’s adapting. Social media platforms and blogs have recently become serviceable ad platforms, marketing tools, and news sources for millions of people and counting. While the fame and […]

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All Great Leaders Are Readers

Summer 2018’s Essential Business Book Reads   If there’s one thing I constantly vouch for in the world of entrepreneurship, it’s to always be learning. The business world changes fast with ever-evolving communication platforms, information distribution systems, marketing techniques—you name it. And, you should know that what’s working today won’t always be working in the […]

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