Whole Foods Market: Engaged People That Love What They Do

I walked into Whole Foods Market last night to pick up a few groceries. This is not a typical occurrence for me. Whole Foods is not close to my house, and thus for convenience reasons, I regularly shop at Harris Teeter just a few blocks from my house. Affectionately referred to as “Spend Your Whole Paycheck Market,” I got out of there for $100 on … [Read more...]

An UN-Enlightened Customer Experience with Bank of America

Last evening, as is my customary Wednesday-night ritual, I was paying bills and tending to personal financial matters. Just like every time, I logged into my Bank of America account online to check the balance of a credit card. To my surprise, I had apparently traveled to Europe and racked up $5,000 in hotel and airfare purchases. While this … [Read more...]

Southwest Delivers an Enlightened Customer Experience

Last week I had my first Southwest experience. For those that have never flown Southwest Airlines, the typical response might be “WHAT?” For those that are devoted Southwest flyers, the response was probably “did you take pictures?” Being an entrepreneur with a commitment to client experience and Raving Fan Service, I was quite familiar with … [Read more...]

How a $12,000 Customer Was Lost Over a Measly $40

If you are an enlightened entrepreneur and you don’t know what LCV, listen up, because this will have a BIG impact on your business. LCV, or Lifetime Client Value, is the calculation of the total dollar value an individual client has contributed to your business over the life of your relationship with that individual/organization. As an example, … [Read more...]